We Are Not Only Looking for People but for Companies Too

“It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price” – Warren Buffett

Peoplekind leadership’s strategic vision has remained the same over the years – to grow our business through people. We pride ourselves on our ability to recruit and retain the very best members to our team. Another way to attract outstanding performers is through acquiring businesses. When analyzing companies to invest in or purchase, the first thing we look at is the people. People grow companies, and growth creates value.

Although organic growth is imperative to any successful firm, Peoplekind supplements this growth through acquisitions. We are committed to acquiring the best companies, of all shapes and sizes, in the human capital space. The objective is to strengthen our existing market position and to enter new markets and technology areas. In the past, our team has purchased and invested in well-run businesses that need growth capital, where the owners are looking to exit or for liquidity, that were both private or public and we subject to other conditions. In other words, there’s no specific business profile, but rather we are seeking opportunities in the human capital sector where we can add expertise and resources to enhance business value.

Peoplekind’s view is that executives who have responsibility must also have freedom of action. In practice, this means that Peoplekind’s subsidiaries and operating companies run independently towards clear goals with a high degree of own decision-making and flexibility.

What can our new partners (owner/seller) expect?
Peoplekind resources: experience, know-how, contact network and capital. After an investment or acquisition, our philosophy is usually evolution rather than revolution, which usually means we work together to determine the following:

  • How to manage and grow the company going forward
  • Implement corporate culture – The Life Line
  • Do we retain the brand and company name
  • Develop a plan for existing employees, if any
  • Integrate into existing platform verticals if it makes sense
  • Analyze efficiencies